Keeping different tortoises together.

by Christine Santos
(San Diego)

I currently have a Russian Tortoise. He's about 5inches long. I would like to get another tortoise, but a different breed perhaps. A herman tortoise seems to be well fitted for the enviornment I can provide, but I would like to know if they could live well together. (The Russian and Hermans tortoise) I'm looking to get another tortoise that wont exceede about a foot in lenght, preferably less. Any tips about another kind of tortise I can adopt or what will live well with a Russian.

Any info is helpfull. Thank you :)

Also, my Russian has very flaky skin around the neck, should I be concernes?

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Aug 23, 2010
Mixing Breeds
by: Shelly

The problem with mixing breeds is that you mix health concerns. One type of tortoise will be vulnerable to one disease while another will be vulnerable to another disease. So they can pass diseases to each other where one can withstand the disease very well, while for the other it will be fatal.

Keep it slow and steady.

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