I have 2 start tortoise and I need some advice from experts

by Akshay
(India )

Last year I had gone for treaking and while walking on the road I found 2 star tortoise injured , i decided to take them home with me .

well for the first few weeks they were just quiet and inactive in a corner and i decided to leave them alone and they need their own space to adjust to the new environment

Now they are happy and rome the whole day in my home and eat at least 3-4 time a day

They play with me and when they are hungry they come to our feet and touch us with their head :-)

when my mom goes to the kitchen they follow her and look for food again

I have named them Jango(small) and Mango(bigger one) . well I still dont know their sex . but I assume the small one is a male and the bigger is a female

Jango normally follows manago in a train and yesterday i saw jango trying to climb over mango , i am sure there is some chemistry going

Jango is about 4-5 inches and Mango would be about 5-6 inches .

First of all could you tell me how should i determine the sex of each ?

Next I have learned from the internet that they mate only after attening a bigger size then their present size , then what are they trying to do?

If they are seriously mating then what can i do they help their union , also i will have to prepare a nest for the lady ? what should i do ?

Finally I want to know what is the most simplest way to provide with Calcium and D3 vitimane

Pls advice

Your help would be appreciate


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