Baby Sulcata wont eat

My baby sulcata wont eat. I have tried giving him different grasses and hays but he refuses to eat anything t all. I have also tried giving him veggies and fruit but he wont eat that either. Please help!

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Feb 18, 2014
Baby sulcata
by: Anonymous

Hi the same thing has happened to myself, just got him this morn.hes quite active when I gave him a bath to rehydrate him but won't stay out under lamp just wants to go into bed which has a heating pad stuck to the side. Do I need to worry or leave him settle in.

Mar 27, 2010
not eating
by: Anonymous

How long have you had your pet. If he's just new to you, he may be settling in.

Be sure the temperature is correct. You will want ti to be at least 88 degrees most of the time.

Try hand feeding.

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