star tortoise problems

by rahul jain

its very nice thing to have these kind of people to help us

here goes my series of problems.

1)i have a star tortoise for an year..i always feed on ladys finger..i know not to give her juicy things but apart from it what should i feed

2)i have seen that from past three days it has developed a sense of itching above the shell..she comes below any vessel and shakes herself to get rid of her irritation ..even i gave her bath but that doesn't seemed good.

3)during hot season like we are having 42 degrees temperature , is it fine to let the tortoise roam in the sun for uv or room temperature will suffice

4)what the possible grasses they can eat

5)when they pee some what fluid comes out..i donno what is it?

6)is sand good to keep in the vessel or cloth will suffice

7)what is the average life span of a tortoise, star one?

8) at what age do u think it will start breeding

Please give details and help me for question no 2
rahul jain, kolkata

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Mar 02, 2013
Food to feed yr star tortoise.

Hi. With due respect,why do you always feed yr tortoise with lady's finger? Even when we cook this veg,we notice ,a slimy liquid comes out. I have a star tortoise and feeds her only lettuce,carrots,tomatoes and other leafy vegetables. She is healthy and only emits urine and a brownish excreta. I suggest you stop the lady's finger and give her leafy veg. The poor tortoise desperately needs a completely new diet. Good luck!

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