My turtle only has one eye open

by Zoe Zheng

I got my turtle on my birthday by my cousin and it is a Red Ear Slider. I put her in my fish tank and brought a heater and I keep a lamp on beside her everyday. The first few weeks, it was going great, she was crawling around, seems really happy, but then, she stopped moving. I gave her fish and everything. But, it's after about 4 months and she is better than before, but when I look at it, it only has one eye open. I started freaking out and called the Pet Shop downtown. He said that she was only scared, I didn't really believe him, but I he said to just leave her alone, so I did, now it's about 2 months later, and when I look at her, sometimes she only has one eyes open. My parents doesn't really like spending a lot on a pet, especially a turtle, so if I don't do something that's going to get it better, they're not going to do anything. Especially if they are going to try one method after another and waster a few thousand dollars on it. I personally don't care, but my parents do. So, what should I do?

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May 12, 2011
Eye Trouble
by: Shelly

Your turtle has an eye infection. It might be because of a Vitamin A deficiency or it might be from something in the environment. You really should take it to a vet.

Turtles need their vision to find food. A blind turtle risks starving to death.

Part of owning a pet is looking after its health issues. Can you contribute money to help your parents pay for a vet visit?

If you can't take care of its health, I suggest you find a turtle rescue center that can.

Keep it slow and steady.

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