One Eyed Turtle

by Kasey

My yellow belly slider turtle only has one eye open. Is he sick!? He is only a baby what do I do?

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Apr 26, 2015
Vitamin D3
by: Anonymous

Tortoise's synthesize vitamin D3 from the natural sun light best, but he needs to have adequate amounts of calcium for this process.

You do not need to feed him cod oil or forcibly, go to your local pet mart and buy some liquid or powered calcium just for reptiles, only about $6. If you get the drops get some warm (not hot) water and put some calcium drops in there. when you are soaking him he will automatically drink some plus his body is absorbing it. Make sure the water is shallow enough so he does not drown in the soak, and then dry him off afterwards.
Good luck.

Jun 01, 2011
One Eye Open
by: Vinayaka

May be he/she is vitamin D deficient. Feed him some 3 drops cod liver oil forcibly. No problem if cod liver oil is all over his body while feeding.

If your turtle has pus in his eye, then refer to the link below for solution ...

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