My turtle has white film sitting in its right eye

One of my RES turtle which is 1.5 years has a kind of white film sitting in its right eye. The other eye is perfectly normal. I went to aquarium shop and shop owner gave me some kind of blue liquid diluted with little salt. As per his suggestion I have put that medicinal water and have kept him in separate bowl out of aquarium. Still I see the eyes are bulged and some white film is sitting inside its right eye. I love my turtle very much. I can reach upto any extent to fix his problem. Please suggest me. Also please keep in mind that there are no turtle vet here in the city. So please suggest me any medicine I could buy or order online.

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Jun 03, 2017
by: Guavaa

there's something white coming out of turtles eye and i'm really nervous

Aug 17, 2015
Already answered
by: Shelly

Please see the first answer in this thread.

Keep it slow and steady.

Aug 15, 2015
need help regarding a severe eye infection in my turtle
by: nishant

hello,I own two Indian roofed turtles and an RES.2 days ago I noticed my res' eyes were closed shut and when he opened them there was some red thing in the corner.I soaked him in warm saltwater solution hoping it would cure him but nothing happened.I got gentamicin drops next day dry dock him for about 4 hours and apply the drops 3-4 times a day. his right eye improved but his left eye has some white pus like thing still there.he ate today there any way I can help him??

May 18, 2011
Source for Vitamin A and Vitamin D
by: Vinayaka

Hi Shelly,

Just wanted to know what would be the sources for vitamin A and vitamin D. I understand that we have to have UVB supply for vitamin D. I also feed him dried tubifex worms as a regular diet. Some 6 baby goldfishes every weekend.

I am going to buy the submersible heater soon. We have summer season in our city and hence heater is not required currently.

Please suggest me the other things that accounts for a sound health of turtle.

May 14, 2011
Thank you
by: Shelly

Thank you so much for your very detailed explanation of what you have done.

I hope this problem will not come back for you and your turtle.

Be sure the habitat is very clean. And be sure there is enough Vitamin A in the diet.

All the best.

Keep it slow and steady.

May 13, 2011
by: Vinayaka

Hi Shelly, I apologize for mentioning my Email ID in the post and asking people to send me comments to my mail ID. I was so exaggerated yesterday with the fact that my turtle got his eyes fixed by me. Thanks once again.

May 12, 2011
by: Vinayaka

Hi Shelly, I was afraid by your statement that pus may damage his eye. So my conscience did not let me to just move on and sit watching like a looser.

Its good news this time !!!!

I forced myself to fix his eye. I can also say that last three days of effort helped me to finally wrap this down.

I came back from Office. I watched him. Still same condition. So I did was....

1. I gently took him out of tank

2. Soaked him with medicinal water

3. Gathered things required for my mission !!!

4. The things were EarBuds, Some cotton, EyeDrops(Human eye drops), CodLiverOil, A tray to place turtle, a little water.

5. I poured some eye drops into a teaspoon of water which is a dilute mixture to prevent over dose.

6. Then I picked the solution into earbuds and started smoothly rubbing over my turtle eye lids. I gave him some relief now and then. Then again continued rubbing. Sometime, I fed him cod liver oil and also rubbed the oil all over his body to avoid rough handling and also oil is good for skin and respiration problems which has essential vitamin A.

7. While rubbing he had closed his eye and I saw that white pus was no more stationary. It was moving here and there which I noticed it as finally detached. This time I got the confidence that I can pull this obstacle out.

8. I directly poured eye drops (1 drop) over my turtle eye (Please make sure that drops are not consumed) and struggled somehow to keep his eye half open and move that pus extremely other side of the eye. Then the magic happened. One of the edge of the pus just exposed out. I took a metal plucker and, with super care, I pulled that thing out.

9. And then, I felt more happy than my turtle would have felt. I took that tiny pus substance and burnt it with all my anger.

10. I did this operation very carefully without hurting my turtle. It was just open for welcoming any treatment.

1. Please be careful if you think to do this yourself.
2. Results may vary depending on the size of the pus and also depending on how you cautiouslly do this operation.
3. Don't expect the operation all for once to fix within one day. It will take some time. If the pus is more stubborn then keep repeating it over days and you could a see gradual detachment of pus. I am not sure if the pus will dry and fall of if it is left intact. Please confirm this to avoid all the risk thing I did.
4. If you have any comments or feedback let me know through my Email :

May 12, 2011
Caseated pus
by: Shelly

If the pus hardens, yes, it can do permanent damage. Trying to remove caseated (hard) pus yourself will also damage the eye. This really does need professional attention if it is hard.

I'm glad to hear things seem to be improving.

Keep it slow and steady.

May 12, 2011
Thanks Shelly
by: Vinayaka

Hi Shelly, Very thanks for your concerned reply. As per your instruction, I will find a animal rescue center near my city this weekend. Also, now my turtle has little improvements in terms of his behavior. Most of the time he use to sit idle by closing both of his eyes. Even now he does, but, every now and then he wanders the tank eating food. I am feeding him Cod Liver Oil forcibly every evening and also wiping some eye drops over his eyes to see if that helps as antibiotics with the hope that the pus would soften and disappear. Also there are two baby RESs which are hyper active and really feel happy about the way they play and also sad about the latter one.

Also please let me know if that pus persists for long time, will it damage the eyes. Because my turtle doesnot have problem in seeing things. He sight is OK.

May 11, 2011
Eye Problem
by: Shelly

First of all, I can tell that you want to do what is best for your pet.

I don't have good news. If the film on your turtle's eye is hard, it is probably caseated pus and the only way to save the eye is to have the film removed surgically. That would require a vet. It does not have to be a turtle vet, but someone with training in delicate operations is required.

If the film has not hardened, you will need either Vitamin A or an antibiotic. You may need both. Getting the dosage right would require a vet.

If there is no way to find a vet locally, try to find an animal rescue center in your area. They may be able to help.

Please post back to let us know what happens.

Keep it slow and steady.

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