flaky skin + long claws

by Lyss
(Syracuse , NY to Doylestown, PA)

my boyfriend bought me a russian tortoise over the summer. he's very alert and sassy- not friendly- he hisses and withdraws anytime anything comes near him. he only eats broccoli. if i dont feed him for a day or two he will eat small amounts of greens or carrots but broccoli is the only thing he seems to like. i also supplement him, but when i got him i noticed a few small patches of flaky skin but now he has more- all small patches, here and there. is it because his diet is not diverse? is it too dry for him? should i be worried?

also, will i ever need to trim his claws?

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Jan 12, 2012
Flakey Tortoise
by: Bob G

I have a male and female Russian Tortoises and they flake skin from their head and neck. I'm not worried. They eat like race horses and poop the same. Even bite me thinking I'm edible. They are very active and follow me around the house when I take them from the tank for exercise.

Dec 08, 2010
Thank you/response
by: Lyss

Thank you for your advice. I do offer him spring mix at every feeding- dandelions are out of season here now and would be impossible to get. But he doesn't like to eat it. Also, I soak him every other day (and have been since i got him), in warm water he can stand in and he usually poops (the white then the brown).
But i will take him to the vet, thank you

Dec 08, 2010
Russian Tortoises
by: Anonymous

I have 3 Russians and really love them. Yes, broccoli shouldn't be given very often, if ever. You need to start him on dandelions leaves and the flowers, they also like apples slices occasionally, romaine lettuce, spring mix lettuces, all organic , google diets for Russian tortoises..There's so much more.
Russians can go without eating for awhile, they need to be warm and hydrated. Yours sounds very dehydrated, soak him/her 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes in warm water not above his head. His head should not ever be below the water. They can't swim. Also know many Russians have went into hibernation by now, and while I do not think you should allow yours to do this, this year. Its normal for them to slow down in their eating. Please take him to a reptile vet. for a full checkup. They are tuff little guys, but he could have parasites or something else that is making him not eat. Please care for him tenderly, they are really wonderful Tortoises once they feel at home and safe. The vet can also trim his anils if needed, pls don't do it by yourself. Blessings

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