Need help with New Baby Sulcata Tortoises

by Worried Mother

I just got 2 baby african sulcata tortoises last week. One is about 2.75 inches, named Brutus. He seems to be doing well, he walks around for about two hours a day and eats about ever other day. His eyes are open, however he seems to rub at them alot with his front legs. He is also making a squeeking noise every now and then. He will squeek and then then retreat inside his shell a little bit. It reminds me of a sneeze but I am not sure. I also have not seen him poop yet, although there was some hard, dark poop in his pen. Is this normal?

The other baby, Porsha, is only 2.5 inches big and her eyes are not open yet. I am wondering if they are not open yet because she is so young or if something is wrong. I can see the eye moving behind her eye lid, and I can see where the slit is for her eyes to open, but they have not opened yet. She is also not as active. She moves around the pen for about an hour and sleeps the rest of the day. She is not crazy about lettuce yet either, although I have got her to eat banana. I have seen her poop and pee though, but its dark and runny. Is this normal?

I have had them for about a week now. Any information would be helpful.

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Jan 03, 2011
Doing Better
by: Worried Mother

Brutus and Porsha are doing a lot better. They are have been eating every day for 3 days straight. I know they are only supposed to be fed every other day, but the vet said to feed them everyday until they are healthy. Porsha finally opened her eyes today! Yea! They are fully open for the first time! I still have to give them antibiotic shots and eye drops but they are showing much improvement already! I think they will be just fine! Thanks for the advice everyone!

Jan 01, 2011
Best Wishes
by: Shelly

Thank you for coming back to report on your two little pets. I'm so glad that you took them to the vet to get the help they need. In good hands, they have a chance for a happy and healthy life.

Keep us posted.

You might want to post something about them later in the brag book section of the site. That's at

Keep it slow and steady.

Dec 31, 2010
Vet Visit
by: Worried Mother

I took Brutus and Porsha to the vet today, bad news, they are very ill. They have to have an antibiotic shot every 3 days and eye drops four times a day.

Dec 30, 2010
Thanks for your comments!
by: Worried Mother

I made an appointment with a vet tomorrow to see both Tortoises. I think Brutus is healthy, I am more worried about Porsha. I bought her turtle eye drops at the store yesterday. I am going to use them and take them with me to the doctors tomorrow. I will let everyone know what he says! Thanks!

Dec 30, 2010
please dont get worried
by: madhoora

hello dear lady
i read your statement. it seems you are quite concerned about your turtles. its really good to know.
the only thing that i can tell you is please consult a vet who is experianced in turtles. he will guide you the best.

Dec 29, 2010
Sick Pet
by: Shelly

Portia is a sick little pet. The eye problems need immediate attention. A turtle or tortoise uses vision to find its food. Prolonged eye trouble can lead to permanent blindness. The cause is probably a lack of vitamin A or an infection.

Until you can see a vet, I would separate the two tortoises so Brutus doesn't develop the same problem.

Let us know what happens.

Keep it slow and steady.

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