Sad or Sick my Mississippi Map Turtle

by Martina

My boyfriend bought like half year ago a Mississippi map turtle, my

boyfriend care and play with her with love, our turtle had
everything, 10galoon tank, heater, filter, turtle background, decoration
stones, plants and many other things. My boyfriend feed her with
Reptomin stick, Wadley reptile sticks and Wadley turtle delite and
sometimes he gave her lettuce and she loved it and she was so happy,
but it change when my boyfriend had to move and he gave me her and
now she is not eating and not swimming almost for 1 week, I think she
is sad or sick but the turtle is looking on me with sad eyes. I don’t
know what to do, please i need help, what can i do? Do I have to buy
Please help me, Martina

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Jan 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

eventually she is going to need a bigger tank but for now you should be more concerned with her eating habits. have you tried worms (cut in halves or smaller)? or live feeder fish? or small dried shrimp.
Have you changed the habitat or daily routine? Does the map have a basking light with uv? how often are u cleaning the water? do u have a big enough filter?

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