My horsefield tortoise keeps making strange noises...

by maria

My female horsefield tortoise keeps making high pitched whining noises she has for a few weeks now and im starting to get worried is it anything to be worried about?

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Mar 23, 2017
Why is my tortoise making a weird noise
by: Esios cave

My tortoise is 2 years old and is making such a strange noise it like she's saying ahahahah it scarring me to death

Jun 01, 2015
need help plz
by: Anonymous

Mine is only a baby and on the night wen all lights are off he makes a high pitch noise he sounds like a grass hopper he is a baby horsefield tortoise i only had him 3days i am really worried and panickin only does it on the night

Jan 30, 2011
Vet time
by: Shelly

Again, if your animal's behavior changes in a way that concerns you, see a vet. No one, not even a vet, can accurately diagnose a medical problem without seeing the patient.

Keep it slow and steady.

Jan 13, 2011
tortoise noise
by: Anonymous

my tortoise has had me scared to death the last 5-6 days, she is making a VERY loud whining/ wheezing sound, only at night, is it constipation or something stuck in it's mouth?

Jan 14, 2010
Sick Tortoise
by: Shelly

If your tortoise's behavior has changed and you are worried, I suggest you see a vet. No one can properly diagnose an animal without seeing it.

Keep it slow and steady.

Jan 14, 2010
I'm still really worried
by: Maria nottinghamshire

She's now constantly moaning and under her light and she eating but not drinking what shall i do?

Jan 03, 2010
i can help
by: Brionni

HI my horesfield does just the the same when it feels threatend it goes in its shell and makes a hiss noise nothing to be worried about just air shooting out leave it calm down a bit.

Nov 09, 2009
horsfield noises
by: Anonymous

Is it a whine or a wheeze?

A wheeze would need a vet. I'm not sure about the whine.

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