Russian Tortoise lost outside, help!

We've had our russian tortoise for 6 months. Since its been nice out we take him outside. All he did was burrow and we kept a close eye on him. Well 2 days ago we were distracted with the kids and forgot to watch his progress. Now we can't find him. We put him in the dirt in front of our house,the bricks are two high except for a couple spots where we haven't finished. So we don't know if he burrowed deep. Or if he wondered out that spot. We've looked under every bush and tree. I'm afraid he's cold at night. Is he wondering where we are and why we haven't gotten him and brought him inside? We're panicked and feel sick with worry. Can he survive? Where should we look?

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Mar 03, 2024
Come back Mr. Nugget
by: Anonymous

Heartbroken.....miss him so much....sick with worry!

Aug 08, 2022
Lost Tortoise
by: Anonymous

We lost our Russian tortoise, Athena, in the Westfield, IN area yesterday around 3 PM. She was outside in her pen and made a break for it while we were making some calls. Not sure what to do -- we have looked all over the neighborhood and posted flyers. I am totally heartbroken, Athena has been in the family for over three years and we love her very much. If anyone finds a torty in the area please contact me at 518-321-9099.

Aug 16, 2020
Found Russian Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Anonymous you posted you lost your Russian Tortoise, are you in California?

Aug 13, 2020
Lost my Russian!!!!!
by: Anonymous

My tortoise escaped from his outdoor enclosure yesterday and we can´t find him. One of my neighbors saw someone help him cross the street and put him under a tree but the area is covered in plants which is making it really hard to find him.If anyone has any advice that would be very helpful.

May 31, 2020
Missing tortoise in Ft. Campbell
by: Anonymous

Lost a male Russian tortoise in Fort Campbell, Lee Park area... but could be anywhere on post by now. We're here for another year until we have to move. It's a long shot, but I'm hoping for a miracle.

Sep 08, 2019
just lost mine and freaking out
by: Anonymous

i just lost mine in the yard and my family and i are losing our shit, idk what to do weve looked everywere amd we cant find him, he couldnt of gone far?!? right???!? he has to be hiding closeby but i cant find him and we have been tearing up the yard for hours im a mess

Jun 15, 2019
One lost / one found
by: Amber

We live in Fishers, IN. Our Russian tortoise, Clyde, escaped over a 6 inch rock wall on 6/6/19. We literally have looked for days in every yard, bush, corner space imagineable. We posted signs everywhere, but sadly have not found him. On 6/8/19 someone several miles away near Geist found a Russian tortoise - it is not ours, but we currently have him since we were equipped to care for one. We contacted the Humane Society and filed a lost report on Clyde, but they had no other records of lost tortoises. While we are happy to care for this other one, we wanted to make sure someone else in the Fishers area was not looking for theirs. This is the site that popped up when I googled lost tortoise, so maybe the other owner will as well. Please contact Hamilton County Humane Society if you have any information on a lost or found Russian tortoise. Our Clyde is very tan colored, has a small chip on the back side of his shell and a dark spot on his shell above his tail that looks like the bat an symbol. It has rained for days and turned very cold and windy lately, so we are very concerned about him. We pray we are able to get him back. In the mean time we are taking good care of this other one in case someone else is looking for him.

Jun 13, 2019
Lost tortoise
by: Shelly

It sounds like this tortoise may have gone in search of shade. I would start there.

Keep is slow and steady.

Jun 13, 2019
Lost my Russian tortoise
by: Anonymous

My son left him outdoor in 3 inches height brick enclosure as it got too hot here in Seattle, Wa. We usually do not leave it outside alone. This time or bad luck we got busy didn’t had any eyes watching at him. Went we went out to put him back indoor couldn’t find him. Looked everywhere it’s been almost a day now😔. Any ideas how to find him.

Aug 20, 2017
by: TurtleMan

2 years ago My brother bought a Russian tortoise and named him Jon, He has been a part of our family ever since. A few weeks ago he let Jon out onto the backyard and forgot about him for a few hours. We looked everywhere the fences were planted on the ground so no way he could have dug his way out.We lifted everything and we couldn't find him. What do you all think happened to him?
I know a hawk or an eagle took Jon.
It would be good if someone found his corpse so I can give him a proper burial, Even better if Jon is still alive.
He was lost at Puyallup, Washington. He's far gone by now so that's all I'm gonna give.
My contact if you have any guesses of what happened to him or if you found him dead or alive.

Aug 16, 2017
Devastated; Worried & Concerned For Our Russian Tortoise
by: Anonymous

📣July 04,2017 I Had Taken Mr.Fruity Outside to enjoy the natural element's like I've done several times in the past hen the weather permitted to do so. When I went to Check on him he wasn't there in the enclosure that I had built out of slate and large flat rocks in our wooded STACKAIDE FENCE.
I have searched and searched for him, I've pulled the yucca plants out of the soil,I've pulled weeds,I've turned up various rocks,I've searched along the fence line, and I still go out into the back yard and search the area in hope to find him.
We had gotten him for my daughter's birthday two years ago and the Russian Is easier to care for than your water turtles.
📣If anyone has knows or has expertise on how to retrieve a lost tortoise please, please do share.
Winter is coming soon and it breaks my heart knowing that he will not survive the harsh winters in here Upstate New York.

Jul 13, 2017
by: Lily

~*=Lost=*~ Russian Tortoise
Lost Sunday, July 9th, 2017, She is about 7 inches in size and was last seen wearing a RED RIBBON vertically taped to her back. Lost near the corner of Mediterranean Drive and Harbor Isle in Huntington Beach California 92646 area. Frida is a sweet tortoise who had wanderlust and went out of an enclosed gate...It had boards blocking the bottom opening and I think she stepped on a board and flipped it allowing the opening to be exposed and off she went. I am heart broken because we have been friends for ten years. Please email me if you have any information...
**REWARD*** ==Please Help==

Jul 08, 2017
Keep searching
by: Anonymous

My Charlie went missing last July, he's a horsfield and they can bury down 20feet or so the lady at the reptile trust told me, he finally turned up 8 months later in the garden, he survived storm Doris and everything, he had lost a lot of weight and his shell was a mess, but he's absolutely fine now, good luck, I am sure you will find him eventually.

Jul 07, 2017
Zechariah Tienter my tortoises
by: Anonymous

I have 2 Russian tortoise I all ways keep them in a terrarium in my bed room I love turtles and tortoises did you know tortoises and box turtles can climb fences and they do burrow qiut well my tortoises names are max and Gary I take great care of them they are my baby's I give them romaine lettuce to eat and a calcium block to chew on I got Gary at pet smart for 89. 99 in 2014 and I got max Jan 11 2017 this year for my b day present I'm glad other people love turtles and tortoises as much as I do they can live 50 plus years in captivity . I'm sorry y'all lost your tortoises it would break my heart if I lost mine so I understand your pain of losing you best pet I love my tortoises with all my heart . Keep on searching for them don't give up

Aug 25, 2016
Lost Buddy
by: Ladydi

I lost my russian tortoise 8 days ago. Totally hearsick. He was in his outdoor "playpen" and then he pulled the great escape and got out. I have looked everywhere in my yard. convinced he is burrowed down somewhere in my yard. It is completely fenced in. I have left a "hide" outside with a bowl of lettuce I keep changing and keep looking every day. I know he will come back once he finishes his little adventure. I am keeping the faith.

Aug 22, 2016
Charlie Missing
by: Anonymous

6 1/2 yo Horsfield, last seen July 11th 2016 in garden Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, we did not think he could get out of the garden as it is double fenced all around.
Have contacted local vets and the RSPCA, anyone got any ideas please?

May 01, 2016
Lost Russian Tortoise/Newport New,VA
by: Anonymous

My son earned enough money this past summer to buy "Buddy "our Russian tortoise. We had an indoor enclosure for the winter and put him out this week in his out door enclosure of which he dug out of this week while we were at work. All summer last year the large enclosure kept him happy in the summer and spring. Any suggestions on how to find him? We've searched the yard, all dug looking areas, told neighbors nearby. It's been cooler temps since the day he dug out. We are hopeful to find him but does anyone have any other suggestions. Anyone know if they can survive in the wild? I feel terrible and wish we could find him before a opossum gets him or any other predator out here.

Dec 13, 2015
Russian Tortoise Lost In Christiansburg

We lost our Russian Tortoise, RoadRunner in Christiansburg, VA around August 2015. He is about 5 years old, weighs around a pound and is around 6 inches in length (slightly bigger than the palm of a hand).

We belive that our RoadRunner has hibernated for the winter months and will be out-n-about during spring season (April onward).

If you happen to hear someone seeing a Tortoise in their yard/driveway, then do contact me.

Oct 02, 2015
Tortoise lost in Whitstable, England
by: Dave in Texas

I think it gets pretty cold there and probably too humid for a Russian Tortoise. He would most likely burrow down if he can, to survive the cold. I think the winters in Afghanistan (one place where they live) do get very cold. Please let everyone in your neighborhood know about it. I hope you find your Tortoise soon. Never give up, because he might just burrow into the ground and sleep all winter.

Oct 02, 2015
Re: Tortellini found
by: Dave in Texas

So glad you found Tortellini. Does he still have an appetite? Maybe he feels ready to settle in for a long Winters nap.

Sep 28, 2015
Lost tortoise
by: Anonymous

I have lost a Russian tortoise in Whitstable, Kent hope that anyone has seen him as we worried about it going into winter, can tortoises live in outside in winter in ENgland

Sep 25, 2015
Tortoise Found
by: Shelly

What a relief for you!

Maybe that's not sulking. Maybe he is just giving thanks.

Keep it slow and steady.

P.S. Thank you for letting us know that he is safe.

Sep 24, 2015
update Tortillini
by: Anonymous

We found Tortillini today. Almost one full week of him on the run and the nights getting progressively colder. HE had a grand old time exploring the neighborhood while I was awake most nights worried about him. Needless so say he is under house arrest and is sulking in the corner of the kitchen.

Sep 20, 2015
Tortellini is lost
by: laura

I live in Marblehead Ma. I went out searching again this am. He had free run in my house when I would bring him in in the fall and would put himself into hibernation. I dont know what else to do. He on the police facebook page and the shelters facebook . He is rather large probably 8" long by 5" wide. I'll put up more posters today and fliers in peoples mailboxes and I guess just keeping looking.

Sep 20, 2015
Tortoise lost outside, 2015
by: Dave in Texas

Where do you live? They can survive outside if it is not too far North. He may just burrow if it's cold, as they do hibernate in nature. He may not be far, but they can move quickly. My advice is to put up pictures and offer a reward. I hope you find him soon. The one I found last year in TX belonged to an elementary school girl in our neighborhood. It was its third escape and the turtle had been missing for 3 weeks. She and her parents called my cell phone the very next day after I found him. Good luck.

Sep 19, 2015
lost my Russian Tortoise yesterday or today
by: laura

I'm heartbroken I've had Tortellini for 10 years and today when I went to give him his breakfast I discovered him gone. I think he must have worked a corner where the pen and fence join. I'm so sad we put up colored posters and wrote in black ink that he is not a water turtle since there is a pond a couple blocks away and alerted the neighbors. Its starting to get cold at night. I've checked the neighbors yards. I feel so helpless especially since I'm not sure if it was yesterday afternoon or today that he went missing and I was just getting ready to bring him inside in the next few days.

Sep 14, 2014
Found Russian Tortoise in McKinney, TX
by: Dave in Texas

Found a Russian Tortoise in the street today (9/14/2014) in Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney, TX. I want to give him back to his family. Saw a poster with a pic of a Russian Tortoise back in July or August. If this is your pet, please call (214-733-1554).

Aug 14, 2014
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry your tortoise is lost. I think you are doing the right thing. You might also put up posters in your area. Tortoises can move in ways that astonish their owners.

Aug 08, 2014
I lost my turtle
by: Anonymous

So I was outside washing my dog and when I was done, I put the stuff back in my room. It took about 5 min or so. While I was washing my dog, my turtle was out. ( I knew ) usually I keep my eyes on her like a hawk. Shelly is so fast. I, sometimes, I take her in my courtyard. And she likes to stay in one place. Anyway, before I left,I knew she was on my front porch. Theirs no way she can go under that porch.i came back after like 5 min, and she was gone. We have a huge yard with a lot of stuff In it. We do have a pond.i looked everywhere and it's been about 3 days now. Shelly usually burrows herself under her tarp in her cage. I am so sad. She is so healthy and I took great care of her...I was digging a hole bye the porch when I last saw her and put a pan of water in the hole, then I put her log by the pan. This is where's he cool, nice soil is.i also put romain bye their too. Please help!!! Tell me what I need to do... Thank you.

Jul 29, 2014
Help I have lost my Russian tortiose!
by: Anonymous

I lost mine on July 26 3 days ago. We have lost him before and found him. But this time I was letting him roam around I forgot about him for a little bit and when I came back he was gone. We have looked everywhere and we have a fence and are not sure if he can fit through it but if he did he might be in woods! What should we do???????

Oct 07, 2012
found a rt in new Bedford Ma..
by: Anonymous

found a cute little russian tortoise in new Bedford ma.takeing care of him the best i can ..will be putting up a flyer at vet near voke tec school on Monday

Aug 11, 2012
lost horsefield tortoise
by: Anonymous

Let my tortoise out in the garden nearly 3 weeks ago on the 31st July 2012 and I can't find her anywhere in the garden. There is now way she could have got out she always returned in the past at a certain time, it's such a mystery I don't understand...

Aug 03, 2012
Lost Tortoise
by: Rachel Manasan

"Igor" the Russian Tortoise

Last seen: Thursday, July 19, 2012
Devonshire Cove, Germantown TN

The Wests (901) 435-6433

Apr 22, 2012
Russian Found
by: Lorna

A Russian has been found in Hampshire. At the moment being looked after by 'Hampshire Tortoise Society'. Is this yours ? Please make contact.

Aug 23, 2011
we just lost our RT today
by: Anonymous

We are all so sad :( looked all over the yard and our neighbors yards. Did you find your RT? Any lessons learned. Don't know what to do to bring him back. Worried a fox might get him.

May 06, 2011
Lost red foot
by: sic with worry

I feel your agony! I also lost our tortoise and i am sick over it. I am thinking she just is honkered down somewhere in our yard. Did you find your?

May 06, 2011
Lost Pet
by: Anonymous

I'd treat this like any other lost pet. Talk to the neighbors. Put up posters. If you have local radio and tv, see if they can help.

A tortoise can climb surprisingly well. A tortoise is curious. Those two thigns combined could mean he got out of your yard.

On the other hand, he may just be in a burrow he made in your yard.

Leave out some special food treat -- just a little of it.

I hope you find your pet.

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