Sick Sulcata Turtle /

by Jbonz

My 1 week old 2.2 inc sulcata started with a light poping sound the day after I brought him home. He now is rubbing at his eyes and the poping sound is worse, no fluids out of nose yet.

From what I have read he is to small for antibiotics and I might want to use neosporin on his eyes and nose and keep heat up to 85% and keep area clean and daily baths with vitamin water?

I am not simply going to take him to a vet and have the vet say 50$ for the visist 125$ for xrays and 50 for meds when ultimately the turtle might have dehydration syndrom frmo before I got him. Should I try and get a diognosis just to put the turtle down?

What to do? I am gonna put neosporin on his eyes now, please get back to me..


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