Spur Thigh Fliping Over

by Mara

Spur thigh tortoise flips over

Spur thigh tortoise flips over

I have an African Spur Thigh Tortoise and she has already flipped herself over 3 times. I am really worried that something bad will happen to her. She's not even one year old. She is small and likes to climb and sleep vertical. Please help....what can i do?

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Dec 31, 2009
guy who wrote answer
by: Anonymous

sorry, i didn't know that was a tortoise table.

anyways, follow my other statements.

Dec 31, 2009
a few things must be cleared up.
by: Anonymous

Okay, your tortoise is flipping over for 3 reasons.

1Sand gives very bad traction.
2 the log is climbable and she/he wnats to get close to the heat.
3 its in a glass enclosure and is trying to get out!

how to fix it.

1 remove the calcisand and replace with cocunut fiber, it is ingestible and can be kept dry for desert species.

2 place a blocking (but not climbable material) around the log.

3 place tape around the sides of the enclosure, also place a small fan on top for air circulation.

Miscellaneous: make a hot side and cool side of the tank. place the log at the cool side and a water dish at the cool side, then place the food next the basking spot. GET A WATER DISH! sulcatas do NOT get water from food. NO MATTER WHAT THE PET SHOP TOLD YOU!

make sure the cool side 72-75 degrees, and the hot side is 85-90, no more than ninety.


if you follow these, along with good diet and hydration, you will have a 24-36 inch 120-220 pound dinosaur in your backyard!

Good Luck!

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