My New turtle has puffy eyes?

by Mackie
(Washington )

I got a new turtle from my friend. 1 of my turtles has pink puffy eyes and it freaking me out!! It's like my turtle has pink bubbles for eyes!!! What should i do? PLEASE HELP! My pond has algae in it but i got them and it was the same way. Are they going to die?

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Apr 14, 2010
cod liver oil
by: bebs

that happened to my turtle too and now she's alive and well! :) what i did was i bought cod liver oil from the pharmacy, i would punch a whole in it and let the oil drop on her eyes, i would do this once a day and i let the oil dry on her eyes for 20 minutes before putting her back on the water. i would also put cod liver oil on her pellets :) i isolated her from my other turtle, and kept her water warmer than usual. this took me 2 weeks. i though i was gonna loose her but she made it, thank God :) i hope your turtle will too :) goodluck! and Godbless!

Apr 12, 2010
Eye problems
by: Shelly

You have a sick turtle.

Eye problems are serious and do not improve on their own. A vet can tell you what you have to do or even if your turtle can be saved.

A blind turtle cannot see to eat.

You must clean your tank regularly. A filter can help, but if you don't have one, clean the tank daily. Turtles defecate in their water. They also drink that water.

You have to clean the tank whenever it is not clear or if it smells. In fact, if it smells, you've waited too long.

Wash your hands after you clean the tank. Otherwise you will find yourself with health problems, too.

Keep it slow and steady.

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