russan tortoise

by lindsay marie mccaracken

i had my tortoise outside yeaterday it was sunny but only 65 cuz i wanted to see if she would eat some grass and stuff. but today she is sneezing a little nut shes not lathargic and shes still eating a ton and she only coughed one time. she has no snot bubbles or anything in her mouth like abnormal saliva. could she still have a RI? cuz when i adopted her she had one but we got her better but dose that make her more suseptable to getting one? im very scared :/

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May 02, 2011
Sneezing Tortoise
by: Shelly

One sneeze wouldn't necessarily be a sign of a respiratory infection. But it's great that you are keeping a close eye on your tortoise. Continue that and if the sneezing continues, do see a vet. Leaving things too long is never good.

In the mean time, be sure your tortoise is warm enough.

Keep it slow and steady.

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