Dog bite..Serious?

My 3 yr old yellow footed tortoise was soaking in the sink when my greyhound grabbed him and rushed outside. I quickly followed and found Albert..he has no obvious damage other than about 1/2 inches that has cracked off of his breast plate on the front left side. I have applied neosporin (there was no blood other than a pinpoint size drop) . What else can I do to make sure he is ok? What about repairing the breastplate? Thank you so much for any advice.

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Nov 22, 2009
Injured tortoise
by: Shelly

Dogs can hurt tortoises, as you have discovered.

Your tortoise will either be OK or not. The problem is that neither you nor I can see inside. The fact that there was any bleeding at all would make me think it's vet time. Only a vet can determine whether there are internal injuries. And only a vet can properly clean a wound that goes inside the shell. Same for repairing the shell.

If you still have the missing piece, take that to the vet along with your pet.

I wish you the best.

Keep it slow and steady.

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