Baby Spur Thighed

by Sarah

Hi, I have just offered to look after 2 baby (3yr) spur thighed tortoises that were sold to some1 who didnt know how to keep them, they have been kept in a rabbit hutch & havent eaten for a month, they were freezing & quite stiff, I have put them in my viv & warmed them up, they are lovely & warm now, but eyes are still closed, I have read about tissue damage. Im not expecting miracles & have only had them about 18 hours, but would like some advise on how the should be reacting & whats best for me to do to help them. I have a 4 yr old & a 3 yr old who are very healthty, so know Im doing right by them but could do with any tips to help these little babies. ive also given them a warm bath & washed their eyes, managed to get them to drink a little. Thanks

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Feb 02, 2010
Your Veterinarian should become your best friend
by: The Greek Tortoise Guild

Pet shops are great. Without pet shops we wouldn't have a convenient location to buy our chelonians and many of their accessories. Pet shops are not, however, the best place to get veterinary advice.
Being cold for so long and not eating for so long without bring them into a proper hibernation is a formula for disaster. They could very likely be suffering from an illness brought-on by these two dangerous factors. Whatever their ailment may be, they need a veterinarian that specializes in caring for reptiles. I do not suggest that you "carry on doing everything [you are]" unless that is what your vet says. The pet store is no more qualified to tell you how to care for these sick tortoises than I am (and you don't know me from Adam). The faster you get them there the more likely they are to survive.
I hope that this is helpful. If you have any further questions I would be happy to help where I can. You can reply to this post or ask me directly on my blog at
Good luck!

Feb 01, 2010
Are their eyes open?
by: Anonymous

Their eyes opened slightly for a bit after about 4 hours, then closed again & havent opened since, that was Sat about 7pm, its now Mon at 9am, Ive just text the owner to say I think they should go to the vets, surely they wouldve woken by now? Spoke to reptile shop yest who said carry on doing everything I am but no change this morn

Jan 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

did there eyes open?

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