Herman Tortoise in garden

by Debbie Nobbs
(Carshalton Beeches, Surrey)

I was on holiday and my neighbour was looking after my two Herman tortoises they are about 5 years old. She put them in the garden in a old large rabbit hutch i use, but the door is a little warped and when she went back they appeared to have escaped. One of them has done this before. How likely is it that they both got out? would they stay together? how far can they go? and how long can they survive in the garden?

our garden is enclosed, but has bushes and shrubs separating the gardens.

They have been missing since Sunday, my neighbours knocked on the neighbours to let them know and ask them to check their gardens and we have all posted flyers through the doors in the immediate area.
They were hatched in 2004.
I have been out in the garden every day checking under all bushes etc.

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