cactus removal from my sulcata

by Joanne Kengott
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

how to remove a little cactus spur from the eye lid of my sulcata. It rubbed up against a cactus with very fine spines and it got a little spine on the eyelid and it tried to wipe it with its foot but it didn't come off and it is making the eyelid so it won't open because it looks painful. I can see the spur but I don't want to chance trying to remove it with a tweezer in case it flinches and then the eye gets poked from the tweezer. I tried to wash it off but it is still there.

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Jun 03, 2009
When first aid doesn't work
by: Anonymous

I was going to suggest that you bathe the eyelid in a saline solution. Is that what you were doing when you were washing it?

If so, the next step for me would be a vet.

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