calcium powder

by Devin

I am trying to feed my red eared slider with calcium powder, i dust her food with it once a week, but as soon as it hits the water the powder just disperses in a big cloud of white, so i think she is not taking in any of the calcium, how can i feed it to her without this happening?

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Jan 19, 2010
calcium powder
by: Susan

Well, I have a map turtle, and he has a very hard shell, the secret besides good UVA and especially UVB is I also hand feed him Wardley reptile sticks with added calcium, but more the secret is he loves romaine lettuce, eats quite a few leaves every day and is striving well. I also every so often add some shaved cuddle bone to water, just a bit, as he eats in water and also is drinking the water, so i figure that is the best way, now a pet store where they have turtles uses small pieces of egg shell, so there are some ideas, hope this also helps... take care, Susan.

Jan 14, 2010
Try this...
by: The Greek Tortoise Guild

I have Greek Tortoises now, but I used to have Red Ear Sliders.
With my Greek Tortoises I actually break off small pieces of cuttlefish bone and feed the pieces to them by hand. As they're quite accustomed to being fed by hand they readily eat the chunks I feed them. Be careful to not feed chunks that have very sharp edges (for obvious reasons). I am very careful when I powder their food directly because if I use too much powder they won't eat it. So this direct-feeding method has worked quite well for me.

I hope this helps, but you can feel free to ask me anything else about this (or other chelonian-related topics) on my blog:

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