by Jacky Day
(Canary Islands)

My tortoise has a runny nose and keeps yawning. Has he got an infection and if so what can I do

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Apr 07, 2011
Runny nose
by: Anonymous

First, be srue your tortoise is warm enough. Do you have a proper basking light the correct distance from your pet?

If warmth is not the prolbem, then do see a vet. You may need antibiotics. for the correct dosage, the vet will consider teh disease adn the size and weight of teh animal.

Apr 07, 2011
A good diet is essential
by: Jacky Day

I asked a question about my (INHERITED TORTOISE)
I have had him/her for about 8 months. He was given to me as I have a garden and he was living on a tiled terrace. The previous owner I have no doubt loved him, but came to the conclusion a small terrace was no good for him, and he needed a garden. It was very hard for them to let him go, but seeing a better home gave him tome.
WELL!!!!!! I really didn't have a lot of knowledge about their diet, but the previous owners had none. He was fed on meat, lettuce and catfood and even the odd roast dinner??
He was quite big for his years and that is because thay fed him on pellets which contain steroids which meant his shell grew far to fast. When I got him he couldnt use his back legs as he had never had anything to push against. His back legs are deformed due to sliding and dragging on tiles. His shell is pyramid, and his skirt is enormous, his nails on the back are so long. He now has puenomia and today I have had him x-rayed. He has a curved spine and his bones are so shallow, hardly any density at all. This is all due to bad diet in his early life. All I can do is try to keep him as healthy as possible, but you can't build a house on bad foundations!!. If you know nothing about a tortoise DON'T HAVE ONE. He/she I dont know as he/she is deformed is so lovely and such a charecter, but he will not live a happy and long life. Ignorence is not bliss research what tortoises should eat, and I know it's not easy but give them a good diet at least.

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