my indian star tortoise pair is not very active

by Tanveer Deora
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.)

Hello, actully I have a indian star tortoise.

Now the problem is that when I had got them they were very active and not scared that much.
But from past few days they don't walk at all and they get very scared as compared to earlier. They have started eating very less. And 1 more thing is that I'm not able to provide sunlight or uvb light, what sholud I do.
Please help me
Thank you.
Waiting for your reply......

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Aug 03, 2013
see my 7 tortoise
by: nig

I am sorry that the video is not showing.
Keep it slow and steady

Aug 03, 2013
Its ok
by: Niajil

I have 7 indian star tortoise.. ( contact me at if u have any problem )
see they ofent do so and are very good specially when sleping ( i think u know how they sleep :p)
see this is because of stress so bask them with sunlight or else buy a reptilspot jbl and on it for 5 10 min. doest it drink water ? because one of mine little fellow doesnt drink .. i just low them

Jun 14, 2011
Indian Star Needs Help
by: Shelly

Your tortoises will die without sunlight UVB light. Please take them to an animal rescue center so someone can take proper care of them.

Keep it slow and steady.

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