too late for hibernation?

by Raya


i just got my russian tortoise a few months ago from a pet shop and he seems pretty healthy. this past week and a half hes been extremely lethargic and i know hes trying to hibernate. Its now almost may and i dont wanna hibernate him this year, but will he be okay? will he live if i keep him at room temp and try to wait it out until next year so he can hibernate properly?

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Apr 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

Most Tortoises in captivity don't need to hibernate until they are over a year old, yes I think May is to late to start hibernation for your Russian, I own three and mine are up and enjoying the sunshine after their hibernation this winter. Make sure your Tortoise has a heat lamp and a UV light if he is inside a lot. As soon as you can try to set up a out door enclosure for him to receive natural sun light part of the day. A large Plastic pool filled with Hay or another type of substrate will work if you have nothing else. Google enclosures for Russian Tortoises and you will see lots of different types of idea's for your new Tortoise. Good Luck and enjoy your new special Tortoise gift!

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