Falling Over

by Tulip

My turtle keeps falling onto its back/ somehow flipping itself onto its back and I read that it's not good for them to stay on its back and if I am out of the house for the whole day and its on its back all day it said it may die if it's like that all day? Is there any way to prevent her turning itself onto its back so I know when I go out of the house I don't have to come back to turn her the right way up again for the millionth time?!

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Jul 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thank Anonymous that really helps!!

Jul 05, 2009
falling on her back
by: Anonymous

It generally helps to have objects around in her cage that she can use for leverage to flip herself back the right way. I have a friend who was worried about this and gave her tortoise a lot of practice at flipping himself back the right way while she was there so that she felt safe leaving him alone during the day.

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