i think my turtle is sick i dnt know sum1 help

by felix jose fuster

i have a mississippi map turtle and i had it for a while know but i noticed its not eating any more and when it tries to dive in the water it cant it just floats back up i dont kno y nd it juss gets out of the water nd stays on a platform i have for it..you'll c it in the photos nd another problem is that when it gets out of the water i see bubbles coming from its nose and i see it with itz mouth constantl open as if it cant breath im new at this i juss need some ones help please

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Sep 25, 2010
I think my turtle is sick I don't know sum1 help
by: Susan

Well, I agree with the first response, he has respiratory disease. I see you don't have a top on your tank... I have a male Map Turtle, and he has a heater around 78, now if sick I would raise it to around 82... also has a good outside filter system, and most important has a UVA light which is upper 80's to low 90's in temperature, over his basking log... and his UVB light on the other side...now mine is in a 65 gallon aquarium with a metal mesh lid and the lights are on top... he has a variety of temperature in his home, if he wants it cooler, he goes and sits on his floating dock.. he sounds very ill, might want to see a vet....I hope this information helps..best of luck, sincerely, Susan.

Sep 22, 2010
sick map turtle
by: Anonymous

The bubbles coming out of the nose are a big hint.

This animal has a respiratory problem. It probably needs antibiotics. For that, you'll need a prescription from a vet. It's best to go to a vet that has experience with reptiles, but any vet is better than no vet.

All the best.

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