Classroom pet?

I am trying to pick a pet to have in my elementary classroom. I have been thinking about a Russian tortoise. Does anyone have any opinions on how this would be as a classroom pet? I know I would have to take it home on breaks and over the summer but would I also have to take it home over the weekends? Thanks for any advice!!

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Feb 26, 2010
Classroom Pets
by: Anonymous

I have two male guinea pigs, who have been together since they were 2 months old (or younger), and they are doing well. My students come at lunchtime and take them out of their cage and give them a larger space to exercise in for the lunch period, and then they go back inside their cage. I think this stops them from becoming territorial, which is what males typically do.

We also have a box turtle who comes out at lunchtime, too. They are another good classroom pet to have; they are active and responsive, and fairly easy to take care of.

Whatever you choose as a pet, do you homework to make sure you (and your students) can handle the routine, and that it is a good fit for your classroom.

Feb 25, 2010
fun pets
by: jamie

russian tortioses are very interesting pets.though you need some suplies,they are very fun and in my opinion cute.

Aug 05, 2009
guinea pigs
by: Anonymous

Most books say that guinea pigs prefer to be in groups. They also say that two males shouldn't be together. My guinea pig has lived alone as far as other guineas are concerned. This year students who have other guinea pigs at home have taken him and the guinea pigs have played together. If you don't get to guinea pigs, be sure you have a lot of contact with your singleton.

Aug 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have a Greek tortoise and she is a great pet! I leave her in the classroom over the weekend with extra food, and take her home over longer breaks.

I am thinking of adding a guinea pig to our collection: do I have to add them in pairs, or can I buy just one?

Jun 24, 2009
classroom pets
by: Anonymous

I'm an elementary teacher. I have a guinea pig in my classroom. I never leave him alone over the weekend. He's easy to send around to families on the weekends, and even on longer school breaks.

I think a tortoise would be more difficult to deal with on breaks because the cage would have to be bigger.

I'm not a tortoise expert, but I wouldn't leave any animal alone for a whole weekend without someone checking in at least once per day.

Someone with more experience with tortoise pets may disagree with me.

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