what do tortoises like

by koh yiwei

i have 2 tortoises, the ordinary breed, the ones bigger than terrapins and with red spot from the eyes to the head. i have one male and one female they dont seem to like each other. what do i do to make them like each other. and what do i do to make them to like me the girl one is okay with me but when i touch the guy one would run away.

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Jan 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you may have Cherry headed Red Foot Tortoises, pls submit a picture, so I can be sure. Otherwise you can't teach Tortoise to like you, all you can do is feed them properly, make sure they get the proper lighting, warmth, vitamen's, and a proper area for exercise. If you go slow and not frighten them, talk softly, and when you do pick them up, make sure that that you have a good hold on them, talk to the male gently, rub his legs or lightly massage his shell and let him learn to trust you. Good Luck and make sure of what type of Tortoise you do have and do a lot of research on their care. They live along time and really need you to be very well taught on how to take care of them so they are happy and healthy.

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