Greek Tort eye problem con.

i have taken my tortoise to a vet twice. The bad eye has been the same since last time i wrote. Two weeks ago they gave it eye drop medication. i went back to the vet yesterday and they looked at it and we noticed a bulge on the left side of his cheek (same side as the bad eye). The doc gave me 2 different medicines to give to my tort. The vet also recommended that we should give it some cod oil. If the medication doesn't work, should i visit a different doctor? Is there anything else i can do?

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Aug 11, 2009
eye problems
by: Anonymous

My tortoise had problems with his eyes - it turned out to be a deficiency in vitamin C, had to give him vitamin c drops on his food and give him foods which are rich in vitamin C also lots of baths - hes fine now!!!

May 01, 2009
Eye problem
by: Susan

Im sorry to hear your tortoise is still unwell with an eye problem. What substrate do you use to keep your tortoise in? Sometimes this can cause irritation. If it becomes too dusty then this can cause an irritation in the eye. Did the vet mention anything about your enclosure? Also does your vet specialise in reptiles? It is very important you find a vet that does.

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