i need an aquatic turtle container.

by consuelo

does anyone have a good idea for a large assortment of aquatic turtles , the tank, etc or something home made to have them in the water. hope you know what i mean. i dont have a lot of room or extra room to house my turtles when they are brought in from outside. now they are in a childs large pool plastic one. but i do not really have room to bring in the pool as i once did. i have 13 assorted sizes, some maybe 6-7 inches long or more including head and tail./ hope to get some ideas from someone that has done so. thank you. in other words i have room more lenghtwise than length from front to back like near a wall. more oblong than anything because of lack of space.thanks for any ideas

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Aug 15, 2010
I need an aquatic turtle container
by: Susan

You have a lot of turtles, and they require a lot of space, I have one 4 inch Male Map turtle, in a 65 gallon tank, and that is enough space for him.. and the water is 12 inches deep...now he is a smaller turtle..what you are describing, is what one of our nurseries in my area has, a lot of turtles, mostly sliders, in a large in ground pond, that is inside the building that allows the light in from the sides and top of the building..and they are in with large slate rocks for basking..they have also been all vet checked so that none of them are carrying any disease... they are all healthy. and seem to be happy.The owner of the pet store, does carry fish as well, so does have a good aquatic part to his nursery. I hope this gives you some idea.....sincerely, Susan....

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