Is my red eared slider turtle unwell

i have a red eared slider turtle {female} i have noticed she has not been very active,where as she normally is.but for couple of days now she just floats and doesnt move.Her eyes look different to me.Im not sure what or if something is wrong.

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Apr 22, 2011
by: Shelly

Definitely separate any animal you even suspect might be ill. Otherwise you risk having multiple sick animals. You also run the risk of having an illness or infection cycle back and forth between animals indefinitely. No one -- not you, and not your animals -- benefit from that.

If you cannot afford to see a vet, please take your animals to a rescue center where they will be cared for.

Keep it slow and steady.

Apr 21, 2011
mine to
by: Anonymous

Mine is the same I don't no the gender of mine yet, but it has me really worried, I have an appointment with the vet soon, I was told to separate it from the other but I'm afraid it will do more harm then good, could it be nothing serious? I don't want it to be suffering,

Mar 11, 2011
sick slider
by: Anonymous

If nothing has changed in the habitat, take this animal to the vet for a checkup. That way you'll be on the safe side.

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