My Tortoise is not eating or walking

by Shell
(West Yorkshire)

Our little Tunisan Spur Thigh Tortoise Alix seems very unhappy. Normally he's very active, doing several trips to his food corner on a daily basis. However since the beginning of December he's been off it. I have to lift him out of his bedroom in the morning and he just stays underneath his basking lamp all day, he does not even turn around. I have to bring his food to him but he hardly touches it if at all. I have e-mailed where I bought him from and they have recommend leaving his lamp on for 12 hours a day and with the temp of between 30 to 35. Could it be his lamp??

I give him a bath every morning, and he does wee in his water which leaves a powder residue (which could be what I sprinkle on his food however I do not see him eating any).

His eyes are clear and his nose is dry.

Is it just the time of year???? is there anything I can do to make him his usual active self??

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