Lost Tortoise

The weather was good so we put our tortoises out in the garden. At around half past six I went outside to get in the tortoises. One of them (the bigger one) had crawled out of the cage through an open hole in the netting. We searched all around our garden which was very difficult as our garden is 2 acres and plastered with shrubbery. As it was late we decided to search the next morning as it would be hibernating. The next morning we searched everywhere with no luck. The tortoise is a year old hatchling. Is there anything we can do?


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Apr 20, 2010
lost tortoise
by: Anonymous

When ever one of my Tortoise's escaped and I was lucky enough to find it, it was usually dug under a mound of dirt. Have you ever had your Tortoise out when you were watching it wander your land. My Tortoise always had a favorite bush or side of the yard that it favored. They have a great memory and will usually go back to where it was allowed to wander before. Good luck and I hope he turns up soon.

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