by Colleen PArisi
(Saint Petersburg, Fl)

Our pet tortoise got out of our yard 2 days ago. We have an alley behind our house. We live in Florida so there is lots of foilage. If no one took him do you think he could go very far on his own. He has gotten out before but we always caught him a few houses down in the alley under a bush. We have posters up but no luck. Thank Youu He is 10 years old>> He looks just like the picture above with the little girl.


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Jul 10, 2009
tortoise care
by: Shelly

Yes, and making sure the tortoise can't get out in the first place is even better.

I'm glad you found your friend.

Jul 10, 2009
tortoise is back
by: Colleen

After 3 days a lady called & found the tortoise in her yard. He had pushed her gate open & was in the corner. 3 blocks from our house. He had to cross at least 1 street. If we did not have the dozens of posters up we would not of gotten him back. He is a leopard tortoise. He never really fully hibernates. We are lucky & are now making an area with no fence so this does not happen again. The key is to get those posters up with a picture fast!!!

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