Washed in a wash machine?

My red eared slider escaped from his bowl yesterday and we couldn't find him . then today while folding cloths my sister found him but he had been washed and dried he is still alive and moving around but his shell is chipped all the way around and had been bleeding but has stopped now there is no vet that knows about turtles its basically a farm town cows and what not but what can i do to help him right i think he will survive but looks painful.

also while im here i also have a yellow bellied slider and he has somthing that looks like a horn coming out the back of his shell on the top off it kind of its yellow in color and as solid as his shell. any help would be grateful.

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Dec 29, 2010
Washing machine
by: Anonymous

Even a cow vet can help with an animal in pain. Also, vets can call each other up and consult. I'd take this pet to a vet for a check up. It can't have been fun going through the wash.

Sorry I can't imagine what you are describin in your second question.

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