ummm confusedd!

by Erie
(Erie, PA, USA)

Okay, well I was eight and got a turtle, of course my mom thought it would teach me responsibility! Well, I always forgot! remember, I was eight! So anyways, the store i got my baby turtle from said once a month clean it, so I did. Well, the turtle was dead. But, that's not all! I took my turtle out so I could clean it's cage, same thing as normal, it was not moving, and it didn't move for two days, then I saw an eyeball in it's tank! AN EYEBALL! Okay. Well we gave Sally (my turtle) a funeral and I am just not happy, because now I am interested on how that happened and why they told me she (or he) was a girl, but it had long claws and I think it's a boy! I'm just confuzzled! PLEASE HELP ME! thank you for taking your time. I do not have a picture of my turtle, Sally.

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Jun 12, 2009
by: Anonymous

your ment to clean it onece a week at the very least
so i would say that was your problem

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