Tortoise Poo....


Sorry but the fact is, we all poo. LOL. I love my lil' 6 month old Sulcata and want to be sure he is healthy and properly cared for. I'm curious though, what should his poop look like? He seems very healthy and active so I don't think I have anything to worry about, but I was wondering what healthy sulcata poo should look like? I only feed him edible plants that are good for him with 75% of his diet being a mixture of grasses. I don't feed him any fruits or "human" veggies either. I just want to be sure I am being a responsible tort owner and in spite of A LOT of research this is the one area that I have yet to see answers too. Thanks in advance for any advice and help you can give me.... :)

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Apr 08, 2011
Thank You!
by: Texas

Thanks so much! That was very helpful.


Apr 07, 2011
Tortoise poo
by: Anonymous

paste these links into your browser for photos of, yes, tortoise poo...

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