What tortoise do I have?

by C.J. Lockwood

Sorry i dont have a picture but..Ive had a tortoise for about 6-8 years and I still dont know what kind it is! I was hoping you could help

The tortoises shell is in diffrent shapes around its blackish and inside of the square its somewhat brown,yellow, and orange. The bottom of the shell is a dark/ faded yellow. It has 5 claws on all four legs (Not sure if it matters) It has a small tail too. For being about 7 years old it isnt really big at the time its in a 55Gal tank filled with sand. It gets light every day, and it seems all it eats is lettuce.

I hope you could tell me what kind it is :]

P.s. I dont know what gender it is/ how can you tell?

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Dec 30, 2010
search on google
by: madhoora

hi dear
you will get all the information regarding your tortoise on www.google.com, its a search engine. all you have to do is visit this site, and you will get all the required information.

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