I have a pair of leopard tortoise and a pair of spurthighed tortoise. I dont know what to feed these tortoises. I usally feed them local romaine lettuce and occasionally cactus pads. Pleae advice me on the best feed that ican provide them as i dont see them growing much. Thanks


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Nov 28, 2009
Leopard Tortoise and Spur Thighed Tortoise Diets
by: Shelly

The leopard tortoise needs a varied diet of vegetables and some fruit. It can also eat commercial food for tortoises and iguanas.

The spur thighed tortoise should have no fruit. It does best on grasses and hay, timothy, rather than alfalfa, because alfalfa has too much protein. If you provide grass, be sure it has no pesticides. You can find more information about the spur thigh's specific diet at http://repticzone.com/caresheets/183.html.

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