African spur thigh slow moving?

by Kathy

I have a african spur thigh who eats regularly. I have changed it's set up as it is winter in Ohio and even colder in the house. I have a light bulb that imitates the sun and a night bulb as well so some type of heat for it to be around all the time. My bedding is coconut husk and alfalfa hay at one end. Since I put the hay in she seems to not hibernate, but definetly likes to hide in the hay. It's about two years old and has slowed down considerably. No signs of sicknes, but has gone from pooping in the water when soaking it to do it in the inclosure now and eats it sometimes. She is feed the hay a tortoise diet a long with green beans, corn, kale, red lettuce and so forth. I switch it's diet around for it so it doesn't get bored. I give peas only once a week as have read not good for it, but loves them the most. Also when she eats those she does the white extraction which isn't good I know. Just worried as she like to stay covered up more than usual, but seems okay when out, Thanks, Kathy

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Jan 21, 2011
Where to buy hay
by: Kathy

I buy mine from a horse farm. Be sure it has the correct grasses for the tortoise to eat. Also make sure there is no mold in the hay.

Jan 20, 2011
Ohio Tort
by: Whitney J

Hello, I live in Ohio as well and I have two African Spur-thighs. I ordered my torts from Turtle Shack and when we first got ours, we noticed that they ate their poop sometimes. We called the hotline at Turtle Shack and they said that it's perfectly normal. Sulcatas are desert tortoises and they're used to foods with little nutrients. They eat their droppings in order to extract more nutrients out of the food the second time. So don't worry about that!
Also, our tortoises love to hide in their house or any corner in their tank. They also burrow under rocks in their tank. I've read that they like to be surrounded by at least three walls or a corner to feel safe.

I also had a question. Like I said, I live in Ohio and in the winter it's hard to find grass for my torts. Where do you find your turtle's diet as well as the hay for the bedding?

Dec 21, 2010
dont worry
by: madhoora

if there are no signs of weakness then dont worry. turtles normally have a habit of hiding themselves as they are very shy animals. the only thing you can do, if you are worried, is visit a vet and give more love to your turtle as she needs it the most.

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