turtle isnt very active at all, what should i do?

ok so i've only had this turtle for 2 days, but im already worried. its hasnt eaten yet and it looks like it just sleeping on the basking area and literally never really moves unless i pick it up or something :(. its a yellow belly slider and i think its still only a baby seen as its still rather small. i thought it might have been hibernating at first, but im sure baby turtles dont hibernate? another thing is that it seems to be quite hard for it to open its eyes, nd i thought this may be a lack of vitamin a, but i cant help it because it wont eat.. i thought about the eye drop stuff.. but does it really work? some say it can overdose :/ and if theres occasionall little bubbles coming from the nose, is that bad? respiratory infection? but i cant take him to a vet at the moment.. what can i do?

sorry for going on and on, i just dont want the turtle to die :'( its my first ever turtle and i would be so upset :(.

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Jan 01, 2010
Vet Time
by: Shelly

It seems your turtle shows four problems.

1. It is lethargic.
2. It's eyes do not open.
3. It has bubbles coming form its nose.
4. It is not eating.

If a turtle is in a new home and is lethargic and not eating, I would simply suggest you make sure you have a basking area with enough heat and wait a few days.

But the other issues mean that you brought home a sick animal. You can take it back to the shop where you got it or take it to a vet, but this animal is not likely to get better on its own.

Keep it slow and steady.

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