Indian Star Tortoise

by G

Hi, I'm from Singapore.

My indian star tortoise has been living with me for about 6 years.
She suffered from pnuemonia a few years ago, but is fine now.

It seems like she is not excreting normally; in fact, she has constipation. I gave her olive oil and since, she has excreted twice. However I feel that it is still too little for a healthy tortoise, because my friend's tortoises excrete almost everyday.

Also, my tortoise is a really picky eater. She refuses to eat green vegetables and is obsessed with fruits.(She chases after them) Whenever we give her vegetables she refuses to eat and we have to give in and give her fruits. We know it's bad for her, but we want her to at least eat and be happy.

How do I get her to eat normally and excrete normally?
Exactly what kind of food is best for her?
I know cactus pad is good but I can't get it in Singapore..
And I can't get her to eat green leafy vegetables.


Please help.
Thank you (:

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