dropped my tortoise

i droped my tortise by accident and now his head is on the side everything else is fine with him

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Apr 18, 2022
head injury
by: Shelly


You did the right thing when you took the turtle to the vet. I think you are also right to be concerned about how things are going. Please contact the vet again to report the progress.

Keep it slow and steady.

Apr 09, 2022
Head injury
by: Anonymous

I am shabrin. I've a turtle name TIPPU having 5 years of age. On 6th of April, He fallen from the top of the wall which is of about 6 feet height. Eye was badly injured. He was bleeding from the head.
We've taken to the vet hospital but of no use. They've given medicines for dressing and 2 ml of medicine. Now with only one eye which is good,it is surrounding and watching but not eating since the incident was happened. His head also was tilt till now. He was trying to make straight bur was not able to keep straight. His eye was still popped outside and i think injured from inside and can't able to see things.
Please help me to save my tortoise and also cure his blindness of the left eye.

Apr 18, 2011
Your turtle
by: Cj

Your turtle is probaly ok I dropped mine but it died after a few weeks :(

Apr 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Please see a vet ASAP.

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