climbing turtle

by amanda

jaws is what i belive to be a eastern box turtle i have had him for about 6 years. when i first got him he would hibernate ( sorry for my poor spelling) and trying to get out everynow and then well he hasnt tried to hibernate in about 2 or 3 years now. i feed him alot of veggies but not a big variaty cause he is picky he will not eat lettuce he loves mellons and tomatoes he flips himself over if i try to feed him bannanas so i dont every now and then i give him apples and he really likes grapes. i try to keep worms but they are actually hard for me to get and keep alive. well lately he is always trying to get out and it is scaring me casue i am afriand that he is going to get stuck when i am not home or fall and crak his shell. i cant keep logs or rocks for him to crawl on and sit on becasue he flips him self over and does it over and over again till i remove it. he used to cry but he doesnt do that very often anymore. i would keep him outside but we have dogs cats and horses that get loos somtimes. what could be the reason for him trying to climb out? the only i can think of is we moved and i had to keep him in a littl bucket that he could pop the top off and he was constantly get out now he cant casue his habitat is muck taller and much bigger.

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