red footed tortoise problem

by ryan
(derby, kansas)

ok i have a small question..i got my red a few weeks ago. he is in a 44x44 with a small bearded dragon. the problem is that the my red is not eating...he is about four or five inches from shell to tail. i have a 150watt bulb about foot or so above him and it's on all night.. i just don't know why he is not eating..I am just getting worried that he is going to die:-( i have had many turtles in the past but this one is causing problems...please help!! thanks, Ryan.

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Dec 10, 2010
red foot
by: Anonymous

Maybe he's scared.

Maybe he needs UVB light. You didn't say whether you had one. Without that, he won't metabolize calcium and his shell won't develop.

Maybe he's just settling in.

It's really hard to say without being on the spot.

I hope my questions help you.

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