sulcata tortoise

Do tortoises have a sense of smell or do they go by instinct? I bought it diffenernt grass seeds but waiting for them to grow so for now he is just eating out of the lawn is that healthy? i do have cuddlebone for him so incase the lawn in not providing what he needs. he is a few months old and never had a tortoise so not sure what im doing.

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Apr 28, 2010
Sulcata Tortoise
by: Anonymous

Yes all of the Tortoises I have use their wonderful sense of smell. Before they will eat anything they smell it first. Sulcuta's like romaine lettuce, Mixed lettuces, Dandilion flowers and their leaves from the plant are a treat. The cuttle bones is good addition for them as well. There is also pellets at most Reptile stores that are for grass eating Tortoises like yours that have added vitamens. Contact your local Pet/Reptile Store and they can recommend the supplies they have for your Tortoise. Also simply Google" what do Sulcuta Tortoise's eat " and you will find a list of different food sources for your Tortoise.
Good Luck and enjoy your wonderful new pet!

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