Eastern Box is impacted

by Krystle
(Central Texas)

My eastern box turtle, Ellie, is having a difficult time passing this one stool. She is eating well, is very active and is able to releave herself quite normally. There is simply this one piece of stool which is dark and hard. She strains to push it out and isn't able to so she retracts it. I have given her mineral oil to help ease the release but it hasn't worked yet. I have also taken her to a local vet who can't find anything wrong with her. He says she is very healthy. I'm concerned Ellie might be in pain from having to push with such force. I don't know what else to do. I am suspecting she may have swallowed a rock or watermelon seed from outdoors. It is now week two and she still has been able to pass it. Any advice would be amazing. Thank you for your time.

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Sep 24, 2010
eastern box
by: Anonymous

Have you tried soaking her daily in a luke warm bath, it might soften the obstruction, and also relax her intestines and her whole being. I tend to make my water slightly higher then luke warm and my Torts love it as well as pass most of their stool this way. It will also help to Hydrate her. Good Luck to both of you!

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