illness or what?

by Ettore

Is it bad when a turtle keeps its eyes closed; should i worry about it. Please help I'm desperate.

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May 12, 2011
Vitamin A defiency
by: Tami (london)

In all likely hood your turtle is suffering from a vitamin A defiency. I recently took on two x yellow sliders from someone who wasnt looking after them properly. They spent all their life approx 2 years in too much water that was too hot and a insuffiecent basking area with a lamp that was way to hot. When I got them home I corrected the water temp to a max of 28' and the lamp is now level 5 UV and 15watt. They had their eyes closed, I fed them a few prawns each (these have Vit A) within a couple of hours their eyes were open and they are now completly healthy and happy in their new tank. Try the prawns but if the eyes still do not open get your turtle to a vet. If you are in douobt about your turtle always contact a vet.

May 02, 2011
Eye Problem
by: Shelly

Yes, it is a problem if your turtle's eyes are shut. This could be a vitamin A deficiency or an infection. In either case, the vet needs to see the turtle to be sure what the problem is and whether or not there is anything else wrong. Then the vet can prescribe the correct dosage of the correct medicine.

Please post back here to let us know what happens.

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