orange stuff from turtle bottom

by Fred
(Japan, yokosuka)

my turtle has orange stuff coming out of her bottom what is it?

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Jan 23, 2012
A water bag like thing hanging from the opening under the tail
by: triangel

Hello there...

I have a female indian star tortoise for about 4 years or more by now.
She has been doing very well all these well... This morning, before i left my hse, she was still fine. but not till when I check on her in the evening wen I get back home as I noticed a water-bag like thingy which is reddish in colour, filled with transparent fluid in hanging out of the body from the anus or opening under her tail..

May I know what is wrong with her? She is still eating and sleeping well. This has never happened before and she din show any sign or symptoms of feeling ill before i left the house. Please help me.. Urgent...

Thank you.

May 02, 2011
more info
by: Anonymous

Are you atlking about something coming out and leaving the body, or about somethign that is attached to the inside?

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