what kind of tortoise

by mike dalton
(Congress AZ)

What tortoise is this?

What tortoise is this?

My Son found this tortoise walking across our yard Here in Congress AZ I just trying to find out what kind it was as I have never seen one like it

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Jan 17, 2018
Pyrimiding Sulcata Pet
by: Anonymous

This is a sulcata that must be somebody's pet that got loose. The tortoises shell looks different because it is pyrimiding, which is caused by a lack of available humidity. Its not so much caused by improper diet but improper humidity levels in his borrow or enclosure.

Jan 11, 2018
by: Hannah

That is a salcata he dosent look like he was taken care of properly he has some bad pyramiding it won't go away but you can stop it from getting worse with the proper care

Oct 18, 2016
by: Anonymous

The African spurred tortoise,Lack of calcium combined with high protein contributes to shell malformations

Mar 16, 2011
by: Davis

yea thats a sulcata i have to babys it looks like it wasent geting feed right it needs a high fiber diet

Mar 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I would say that it is a sulcata tortoise that has not been getting the correct nutrients and then the shell pyramided

Mar 14, 2011
indian star
by: Anonymous

It could be an Indian star tortoise or it has been through very poor conditions and did not get the nutrient it needed and pyramiding occurred as a result.

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